Ständige Wissenschaftliche Kommission

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The Ständige Wissenschaftliche Kommission (Standing Scientific Commission on Education Policy, SWK) is an independent scientific advisory board of the Standing Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany. It counts 16 education researchers from different disciplines. The SWK advises the federal states on matters of education policy. It identifies existing challenges and offers evidence-based recommendations for resolving them. The Commission adapts an interdisciplinary, long-term and systemic perspective. The SWK involves experts from outside and listens to representatives from politics, administration and civil society. The Commission is supported by a permanent office.

Large language models in education: The challenge of harnessing AI to promote learning


Germany’s Standing Scientific Commission on Education Policy (SWK) has recently issued a discussion paper on „large language models and their potential in the education system“, providing suggestions for the use of these AI technologies in the classroom, noting research and development needs, pointing to prospective future projects, and proposing points for debate in the education policy arena.